Mission Statement

Inspired by the message and teachings of Jesus Christ, Cathedral of the Annunciation School educates the whole child within the Catholic Christian tradition. While maintaining a high standard of academic excellence, we strive to create a safe environment that fosters a lifelong commitment to learning, serving, and achieving.

School-Wide Learning Expectations

Throughout a student’s journey at Cathedral of the Annunciation School, our students develop the skills and knowledge to be:

Active Christians

  • know the basic teachings of the Catholic Church.
  • try to live like Jesus, be and give their best.
  • participate actively in Masses and prayer services and receive the sacraments regularly.
  • care for themselves, others and their surroundings.

Quality Academic Producers

  • have a strong foundation in the basics of all subjects.
  • use good study and organizational skills to meet goals.
  • know how to research and think critically.
  • effectively use computer and technology skills.

Effective Communicators

  • write clearly and understand the written word.
  • speak clearly and listen well.
  • work through problems, anger, and hurt.
  • understand nonverbal signals.

Problem Solvers

  • self-advocate and work well with others to come to agreement.
  • use/share their talents and interests to find solutions.
  • accept responsibility and learn from their mistakes.
  • appreciate their talents, skills and differences, and those of others.
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