Primary Programs 8840


A student's education at Cathedral of the Annunciation School is a three-way partnership between the parents, school, and students. We work together to ensure that our students are prepared for high school, which will in turn lead to them to the college of their choice. We strive to educate the whole child, and have designed a curriculum that carefully balances academic and non-academic programs:


Religious instruction forms the basis for the total development of the student. All students are required to participate in all regular religion classes, liturgical preparation and school oriented church services during school hours. We follow the Religion standards set by the Diocese of Stockton. In addition, Family Life, Circle of Grace and the Safe and Caring Schools curriculum support our students in their social and emotional learning.


English, Reading, Spelling, Phonics and Writing provide the basic tools for gaining knowledge and understanding of the spiritual, educational, social and vocational experiences of life. These skills are correlated with all other subject and are aligned with the CCSS in Language Arts.


Our Math program is designed to help each student learn the basic mathematical structures, language and principles in order to develop skills in computation, use of vocabulary and symbols, reading and interpreting data, measuring and solving problems. Our Math program is aligned with the Math CCSS.

Science and Health

Our Science program gives students an understanding of the basic truths of nature and man's relationship to them and we have begun to align our Science curriculum with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Social Studies

The goal of this program is to develop knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes necessary for effective citizenship in our society.

Physical Education

Physical Education is a necessary extension of the Health program. It provides an opportunity to learn the importance of exercise to maintain a healthy body.

Art and Music

These programs are provided to develop creative potential.


This program teaches computer literacy and software applications to help prepare students for a high technology future.